Credit Card Payment


Credit card payments may only be made online through your eSIS account. A 2.75% surcharge will be added to credit card payments. You will see the surcharge amount on the second screen, before your payment is submitted.

Screen 1
  1. Click on Make Payment.
Screen 2
  1. Enter Payment Amount. Payments over the Current Balance amount cannot be made. Tour deposits and advance payments must be made at 215 North Hall in the form of cash or check.
  2. Select Credit Card from the Payment Method drop-down box.
  3. Click Continue.
Screen 3
  1. Carefully enter the Cardholder's Name.
  2. Enter the Credit Card Type
  3. Enter the Credit Card Number. Credit card numbers do not require dashes.
  4. Enter the Expiration Date.
  5. Enter a Daytime Phone.
  6. Check the Save Profile box if you wish to save this information for future payments.
  7. Click Continue.
Screen 4

Carefully read the on-screen confirmation to verify all information. Click Edit if any changes need to be made. Click Confirm if everything looks ok. Print your receipt and/or retain the confirmation number in case you have any questions about the payment.  If you need assistance call Student Billing at (715) 425-3145.


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