Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my bill?

If you would like to pay online please log into your eSIS account then scroll down to the section labeled finances there should be a yellow "Make a Payment" button.  Please click that button and it should take you to the payment screen in which you can fill out all of your information.  You may mail in check payment to the UWRF Student Billing Office, 410 S. Third Street, 215 North Hall, River Falls WI 54022. We do not accept any payments over the phone. You may also pay in person with cash or check at  215 North Hall. 

How do I set up Direct Deposit?

After logging in to your eSIS account on your Student Center under the Finances section, in the middle of the page, there is a blue link that labeled "Direct Deposit Signup". Please click this link. It will take you to the third party vendor (ECSI) that handles refunds for UWRF.  The client code should auto populate as REF-J1.  Your account id is the first two letters of your last name plus your w number including the w.  (Example last name Smith with a w number of w3090000 would have an account id of smw3090000) Then click on the lost password above the Log in.  We recommend opening up another Internet tab and opening up your UWRF e-mail account. You should get an e-mail with a temporary password from  Please go back to the page that populated as soon as you click lost password. Fill in the client code REF-J1 and your account id and the temporary password that was emailed to you from ECSI.  You will be prompted to set up your own password as the password that is emailed to you is a onetime use password.  Then you should be able to sign up for direct deposit.

What forms of payment does the university accept?

UWRF accepts check and cash payments at our Student Billing Office at 215 North Hall .  However, you can also make an e-check or credit card payment through your eSIS account. UWRF accepts Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and American Express. Please note that a 2.75% surcharge will be added to credit card or debit card payments. You will see the surcharge amount on the second screen, before your payment is submitted.

Does my money from financial aid come directly to me?

The disbursement of financial aid comes directly to the school and then posts to the student accounts.  The funds pay your tuition balance first and if there is an overpayment of financial aid, the difference is refunded to you.  The fastest way to get a refund is to sign up for direct deposit.  Direct Deposit is MANDATORY for all students. Please log into your eSIS account to make sure you are fully signed up for Direct Deposit.

When will I get my bill in the mail?

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls does not send paper bills in the mail.  All bills are submitted electronically to the student's eSIS account prior to the due date.  The student will get an e-mail notification in their my.UWRF e-mail account that their billing statement is available.  Students need to check their eSIS account for their billing information each term.

Can I get any discounts on my tuition?

UWRF offers a variety of tuition discount programs. Minnesota students can sign up for Minnesota Reciprocity which allows them to attend college in Wisconsin for the same price they would pay to attend a state university in Minnesota. The Return to Wisconsin program offers a tuition discount to non-resident children and grandchildren of alumni who have received a degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Even residents of Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Michigan can receive a discounted tuition rate through the Midwest Student Exchange program. 

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