Students Participating in WIS Activities"A very memorable year and one that undoubtedly had some influence on where I now live and what I do."
-Michael Dunn, UW - Eau Claire

"My experience in the Wisconsin in Scotland program is still the best experience of my life. It has greatly influenced me to be the person I am today. It has, above all else, taught me to be curious, tolerant and adventurous. All positive traits that I have found useful in my everyday life, both personally and professionally. It has also given me life long friendships. I still keep in touch with many of my fellow students on a regular basis and the rest are in my thoughts often."
-David Lucas, UW - La Crosse

"The semester I spent in Scotland is one of the best experiences I've had in my life. It was a chance to step outside of my "regular" life and experience something completely different. Where else can you spend a weekend touring the ruins of an old castle and run into your Shakespeare professor?"
-Windy Merry McKellips, UW - River Falls

"For me, the WIS program was one of the biggest events of my life, giving me the opportunity to be carefree for four months, to explore the world firsthand and from another perspective, and the opportunity to travel like that which I probably never have again. For many of us, it was not only the early beginnings of our college years, but also that of our young lives. We were like shapeless, empty blocks of clay, waiting to be filled and molded with worldly experiences and culture. For many, it was the first time on an airplane, away from home, out of the country, or out of the state/Midwest. We left as little lambs on an uncertain journey, and came back as lions, ready to take on the challenges the world had had to offer."
-Peter Gentles, UW - Stout

"My experience in the WIS program was the beginning of an adventurous spirit that stays with me to this day. It was an opportunity to learn real independence from the standard home life and a way to gain lifelong friendships and memories."
-Shane Kristopher Oechsle, UW - La Crosse

"My time in Scotland was wonderful. Looking back I cannot believe that I was there and that I was able to experience all that I did. Thank you to everyone that was there to share the Scottish experience with me. As I Students Participating in WIS Activitiestry to write down my favorite memories and experiences, I find that there are to many wonderful wacky things that happened. I know that things change over time but I am happy and thankful to have had that time in Scotland. THANK YOU!"
-Carrie Wuensch-Harden, UW - La Crosse

"The most amazing part of the WIS experience was the feeling of complete independence and freedom it instilled in me. I never imagined traveling to so many unique and beautiful places until I arrived in Scotland. The Dalkeith local community embraced us as their own and I'll forever remember them and the wonderful people I met during my short stay in Scotland."
-Jessica Standart, UW - River Falls

"I am reminded of the WIS program daily because of all the friends and the incredible experiences that we had. To this point of my life, the WIS program is the greatest time I have ever had. It will always be among the most rewarding adventures I could possibly ever embark on."
-Nathan Rosckes, UW - River Falls

"My experience studying abroad in Scotland last semester changed my outlook on the world. Living in another culture opens ones' eyes to all the different people and customs around the world. I also took away so many wonderful friendships from this trip. I will forever cherish every moment I was able to spend in Scotland."
-John Mleziva, UW - Eau Claire