Where Exactly Am I Going?

The Experience Scotland:  Wisconsin in Scotland program takes you to Dalkeith, a bustling village just six short miles southeast of Edinburgh in the Midlothian region of Scotland.  Edinburgh and the surrounding region provide an ideal environment for educational programs.  The richness of British history, politics, literature, poetry, arts, and other subjects come alive at every turn.  Edinburgh, the Scotland Edinburgh Map capital of Scotland since 1124, is a classic European city.  There the medieval grandeur of Old Town, crowned by Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, joins harmoniously with the modern attractions of New Town.  The natural beauty of the Scottish landscape and its coastline provide a majestic background for exploration, education, and enrichment.

The program takes you to Dalkeith House in Dalkeith, Scotland.  The facility, an 18th century manor house known to the Scots as Dalkeith Palace, was rebuilt in 1701 on the remains of the original Dalkeith Castle built in the 12th century.  The "Palace" is a magnificent example of late William & Mary architecture and is renowned for its fine oak paneling and carvings.  The house is spacious and provides room for residence life and food service facilities, classrooms, offices, lounge areas, laundry and recreation rooms.