Experience Dalkeith Palace

Dalkeith PalaceWelcome to our tour of Dalkeith Palace!

Dalkeith Palace was built in the early 18th century by the Buccleuch family.
The Palace has been home to the Wisconsin in Scotland program for over 20 years!
Students live and learn at this location for the duration of their study program.

Center HallCenter Hall

When you walk into the main doors of the Palace, you will walk into Center Hall.  This hall presents beautiful wood paneling, and the Palace's original marble floor.  The walls of the Center Hall are adorned with a fascinating history of Dalkeith House.

Marble Hall StatueMarble Hall

Through Center Hall, you will find the Marble Hall.  This hall is adorned with solid marble tables and a statue of the Duke of Wellington, a great friend of the Buccleuch family.  The Dining Hall and Servery are accessed through this hall.  Also seen in this picture is the tartan stair, which leads to the first floor.

Servery The Servery

This is the Servery where meals are served in the Palace.  Our Scottish Chef prepares meals for WIS participants on days when meals are provided.  All students assist with meal preparation throughout the term. 

Microwave in ServeryCooking

On days when no meals are served, students may choose to cook their own.  A stove and double oven, microwaves, toasters, hot water kettle, and pots/pans and cooking utensils are available in the Servery for students to use.

TV RoomWillie's

This room is Willie's.  Willie's is used for overflow seating from the Dining Hall and as a TV room.  Many students use this room to eat, play games, study, or watch TV.

Dining HallDining Hall

This is the Dining Hall; a gorgeous room with wall-to-wall wood paneling, large windows, and it has the only operational fireplace in the Palace.  Groups spend meal times eating and socializing here.

ClassroomClassroom 20

This is Classroom 20, one of three classrooms in the Palace.  Students learn from American and Scottish professors to intensify cultural immersion.  Look up, and you'll see the Buccleuch family crest in the stone ceiling.

Computer LabComputer Lab

The Palace is equipped with wireless internet throughout the entire first floor of the house.  Additionally, there are two desktop computers available in the computer lab.  Students are free to use these computers for school and personal needs.  A printer is also available for student use that can be connected to through the wireless network.

Library Reading Room

Next to the Computer Lab is the Reading Room.  The Reading Room has many types of books ranging from reference to romance, fantasy to finance.  Students also have many local and international publications available to them in this room, including daily, local newspapers.  This room is a great place to study or read.

Travel Books and Maps Travel Collection

Need ideas on where to travel?  The Palace has a wonderful collection of travel publications and maps for students to use.  This corner is located in the hall outside the Reading Room and Computer Lab.

Bedroom First Floor Bedroom

Students need a place to live and sleep.  Bedrooms come in a range of sizes and house between 2-6 students.  Pictured here is a bedroom on the first floor.  Each student has a bed and a dresser or wardrobe.  There is a common desk area in each room.

Small BedroomSecond Floor Bedroom

This is a bedroom located on the second floor.  These bedrooms tend to be smaller than on first floor and house only 2-3 students.


There are bathrooms and showers located on first and second floors.  There are two bathtubs in the Palace.  Bathrooms are cleaned twice a week by a professional cleaning crew.

Ballroom Ballroom

Continuing on with the tour, we find the Ballroom located on the first floor.  It is used for many gatherings, presentations and orientation.  The room has high ceilings, beautiful windows, and the walls are covered with priceless works of art.

Study LoungeStudy Lounge

The last room on our tour is the Study Lounge. This room is the only room accessible on the third floor.  It provides a quiet place for students to study anytime they wish.
Dalkeith Palace provides a safe haven during students' cultural immersion in Scotland.  Students and faculty alike grow and learn together in the Palace and, most importantly, create memories of a lifetime.