Projects and Partnerships

We Bike River Falls is collaborating with the UWRF Department of Geography and Mapping Sciences to produce a map of the city that rates roads with respect to bike-ability.  We are aiming to have this project complete by the end of Spring semester 2012.  For an example of the type of finished product we're hoping to achieve, see the Dane County Map for Bicyclists.

We Bike River Falls has partnered with Kinni Outdoor Adventures (KOA) to open the KOA Bike Shop.  The shop offers affordable tune-ups for students, faculty, and staff.  In the coming months, KOA will also be implementing a bike rental program where students can rent (free of charge) a bicycle on short to mid-term bases.  Faculty, staff, and community members are also able to rent bikes at a reduced rate.

We Bike River Fall T-Shirts are available at CrankWorx Bike Shop for $15.

Bike Shop Hours 6-8 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday


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Helmets and common sense make biking safer. We Bike River Falls recommends using both.