Bike to Work Week: Commuter Challenge

Any place of work in River Falls with two or more employees can compete. It's free to enter, Register online here!

Each workplace or office logs their total number of bicycle commuters and number of employees scheduled to work daily. So, choose a team captain responsible for logging your workplace's performance each day.

Team Captain:

  1. Make your best (honest) guess as to how many employees were scheduled that day (all shifts).
  2. Determine what number of these workers made (at least a significant portion of) their commute by bicycle.
  3. Log your workplace's numbers using our online "Commuter Challenge" and "Long Hauler" trackers.
    (links for tracking forms will be sent via email on May 9th)

At the end of the full week, Sunday through Saturday, the best five days will be averaged to determine your final standing. We Bike River Falls will work spreadsheet magic to determine the winners.


  1. Workplace Competition: Participating workplaces will be divided into four categories based on total number of employees: 2-6, 7-20, 21-60, 61+. The Workplace Team in each category with the highest % of bicycle commuters during Bike to Work week (May 12-16 inclusive) will win recognition and small prizes from our fantastic sponsors. The best five days will be averaged together. Departments within a division may enter as a workplace (we encourage interdepartmental competition).

  2. Individual Longest Commute: For you long haulers out there, there will be a prize for the top bicycle commuter with the highest total mileage of bicycle commuting during the challenge. For those members of a team that want to compete in this category you will log your daily miles in the "Long Hauler Tracker" that will be emailed to the captain to pass on to team members.

NOTE: To determine mileage, you can plot your bicycle commute with Google Maps Bicycle Router.

2014 Bike to Work Week will be May 12-16, with Bike to Work Day on May 16.  

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