Poster Pricing and Information

Printing a Poster

All files must be provided in PDF format. You'll need PDF software. From your original poster file, create a PDF file by using your Print dialogue box.

Resolution settings must be high (150 minimum for images) for high quality output. Check your resolution settings in print options before printing/saving as a PDF file. The printer handles 1200 resolution.

  • Images taken off the Web at 72 and used in your poster will not produce high quality results.
  • Do not use copyrighted Web images.
  • If using the UWRF logo, request a high resolution image from the design teammail.
  • Review identity standards for correct usage of the UWRF logo.

You can download Office 2007 add-inlink to save files directly as PDF. Check your PDF file in Acrobat Reader before sending it to us. Print a sample copy to fit an 8.5" x 11" sheet on your own printer to verify that images and fonts are correct.

If you use PowerPoint to create your poster, use the 10 x 7.5 slide size. This size is proportional to a 40" x 30" poster. The Fast Copy Office will choose 30" x 40" paper, rotate the image (PDF file) and print to fit the paper. The poster printer will interpolate the image and maintain resolution as it enlarges it. If you want a size other than 30" x 40", use an original size that is proportional to your desired finished size (e.g., a 36" x 42" poster could be set up as a 6" x 7" custom size slide).

For more detailed instructions about PDF format for to set up your original slide as the finished size, choose one of the following:

Price Chart


Low Quality

Proof Paper

Medium Quality

24# Bond Paper

High Quality

Low Glare Photo Paper


less than 20 x 42
each additional poster





heavy ink coverage
(more than 50 percent) will include additional ink usage charges


Between 21 and 30 inches x 42
each additional poster




Between 31 and 42 inches x 42
each additional poster




42 x more than 42

Estimate provided based on size and ink coverage.

Additional papers are available including indoor/outdoor banner, adhesive-backed vinyl, and canvas. Call 715-425 3325 for cost estimates.

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