Lifetime Achievement Award

Fife Recognized With 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award

Fife 2014
2014 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Brian Fife (left) with Chancellor Dean Van Galen (right)

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the accomplishments of alumni who have provided long-time exceptional service and leadership in their profession and community, and demonstrated a continuing interest and loyalty to UW-River Falls. The first recipient of this award is Dr. Brian Fife. 

Dr. Fife graduated from UW-River Falls with a Bachelor of Science degree in biotechnology in 1995 before receiving his medical degree from Northwestern University Medical School. He is an assistant professor of Medicine within the Division of Rheumatic and Autoimmune Diseases at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Brian is also a member of the interdisciplinary Center for Immunology and its autoimmunity program.  

Dr. Fife has an outstanding academic publication record being published in numerous journals including Nature Immunology, the Journal of Clinical Immunology, and the Journal of Experimental Medicine.  Brian has also been the recipient of numerous research awards and grants from the National Institutes of Health and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Chicago Association of Immunologists. He has been a member of the Advisory Board for the UWRF Biotechnology Steering Committee. Dr. Fife has worked with our students by supporting and mentoring them in his laboratory and has worked with our biology department faculty in collaborating on research projects that support undergraduate science students at UWRF in collaboration with the University of Minnesota.

The UW-River Falls Alumni Association established this award in 2014 to recognize UWRF graduates. The award will be presented at the annual scholarship benefit in the spring.

The UWRF Alumni Advisory Board selects the award recipients based on the recommendations of the Award sand Recognition Committee of the UWRF Alumni Advisory Board.  Nominations for the award may be submitted by members of the UWRF community, alumni, and UWRF Foundation/Alumni Board members. A written recommendation should be attached to the nomination form and is limited to two pages.   

The written recommendation should address the following award criteria:
          - Long-time exceptional service and leadership
             in their profession and community
          - Continuing interest and loyalty to the University  

Nominations are due by Friday, November 29, 2013 and should be sent to Dan McGinty, Director of Alumni Relations, 310 South Hall, 410 S. Third Street, River Falls, WI 54022.  Please call Dan at (715) 425-3505 if you have any questions.