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If you are an undergraduate student you may use the links to the right to check to see which textbooks will be used in the classes you are taking. Please be sure to match the class number, section #, and professor of the class you are registered for with the class number on the list.  Just a reminder, that you pay a rental fee to use our textbooks.  You are not required to purchase the texts listed.


Graduate students

You will most likely need to purchase your books unless you are enrolled in an undergraduate course.  If you are renting books from Textbook Services, be aware that you will have to pay a per book rental fee.  Please contact the Falcon Shop to meet your needs for your graduate level classes.


You may use the links to the right to view available textbooks and verify the textbooks that are assigned for your classes.  If you see an error, please contact Textbook Services.

Digital Course Materials

Wondering how Textbook Services is handling digital course materials?  Check out our page here.

Textbooks Used in Classes

All Books used at UWRFdocument

Fall 2014document (as of 8/20/14)

Books by Professor for Fall 2014document (as of 8/20/14)

New Textbook Ordersdocument (as of 8/21/14)  These are orders for textbooks that we have received but have not put into eSIS yet, so they will not appear on the reports above.  If you have ordered a book that does not appear on this report or one of the reports above, please contact the manager.