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Instructions for Completing the Form

Please use the form below to order a new text only.  If you are not sure if your text is eligible to be replaced, please contact the Textbook Services manager.

To let us know what books you would like issued to your students that Textbook Services already owns, please use the Book Request Form.

If you are aware of a solutions manual or study guide that is available for the text, and you would like to have it on Reserve in the library, please make note of it in the comments section.

Submitting this form assists us in complying with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).  HEOA mandates that bookstores post textbook information when students are registering for classes or as soon as it becomes available.  Below are two links to learn more about HEOA.

US Dept. of Educationlink

Textbook Provision of HEOA provided by Follettdocumentlink

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Due Dates

Fall  July 1

J-Term  November 1

November 1

 March 15

Why do these dates matter?

1.  In order to be HEOA compliant, we need to post textbook information when students are registering or as soon as possible. 

2.  We need time to source the best pricing for textbooks (for new orders).

3.  If additional copies of a book are needed, we need time to order, ship, and process them.

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