Digital Materials


Our Goal

The goal of this page is to keep the campus community updated with what Textbook Services is doing with digital course content.  Digital course content is more than just an ebook.  It is any electronic material provided by book companies that assists the students with learning.  Most commonly on our campus, it is an access code to accompany a book.  Often times, the codes includes access to videos, study tools, quizzes, homework, and much more.

We at Textbook Services acknowledge that digital is the way things are moving.  In fact, it won't be long before books from publishers will only be available in a digital format.  If we do not adapt our system now, we will not be around to service our students and faculty in the years to come.

We would like to have all materials for the core content of a course provided through Textbook Services, whether it is print or digital.

 Below are courses already using digital course materials.


 Art 235 and 335 have adopted MyArtsLab from Pearson Education.  It was first used Summer 2013.  


Several chemistry courses have adopted Mastering Chemistry from Pearson Education.  Select instructors are using it in 120, 121 & 122.  Sapling Learning is the other learning system being used in chemistry courses.  Select instructors are using it in 115, 121, 130, 230, 231, 232, 240, 360, & 361.


French 201/202 has adopted the iLearn program from Cengage Learning.


Music 300 taught by Kris Tjorenhoj during J-Term and Summer adopted MyMusicLab from Pearson Education.


All instructors teaching PE 108 have adopted Heath & Fitness for Life by Mari Kline-Kluck from Kendall Hunt publishing.


There are several courses in physics that have adopted access codes.  Physics 151/152 and 161/162 both use Mastering Physics (the code is titled the same, but the program accompanies the book for the respective courses).  Physics 117 has adopted Mastering Astronomy for the online sections only.  All three codes are from Pearson Education.


TED 225 has adopted Education CourseMate from Cengage Learning to accompany their textbook, Understanding Child Development.

 So What's Next?

The next step is for us to create an e-text/digital course materials committee.  Membership needs to include students, faculty, a representative from DoTS, a representative from Student Billing, and a representative from Ability Services.  This list may change yet as we move forward.  

If you have an interest in serving on the committee, please contact Liz Rust.  It is the goal to have the committee formed before finals week, even if meetings don't occur until the Fall 2014 semester.

Interested in adopting digital materials?

Contact the manager to see what we can do for you!