• Is COST only offered to Elementary Education majors?
    NO, COST is for ALL Teacher Education Majors - Secondary included. Ask your adviser.

  • Are the expenses associated with the COST program equivalent to those of a regular semester of student teaching?
    - aside from traveling costs, these vary.
    - aside from living expenses, these vary. 
  • What are the estimated expenses of the semester?
    It is impossible to give one answer for this. COST students are placed around the globe. Expenses for flying to and living in Australia or Europe are much different than flying to and living in Ecuador or the Bahamas.
  • I've heard that I would not be able to use my financial aid to fund COST. Is this true?
    No, it is not true. Your financial aid applies the same as it does any other semester.
  • Are students able to choose their destination? 
    Students request placement in four different countries. They are placed in one of them, not necessarily their first choice.
  • Does the destination change the expenses of the semester — aside from traveling expenses?
    Yes, think of staying in San Francisco versus River Falls – living expenses differ widely.
  • Are there accommodations for students in terms of living spaces and contacts in the area?
    Yes, they differ in each country. Students request living by ranking the following choices:
    1. Host Family with children
    2. Host Family without children
    3. Host Family with or without children; does not matter to me
    4. Dormitory or Hostel
    5. Prefer to arrange my own housing
    6. Temporary Housing for first few weeks, then secure my own housing
  • Are there other teaching technique classes or recommendations for preparation for this kind of program?
    At present there are no teaching technique classes unique to COST. Global Connections information sessions are mandatory.
  • In what regions are students able to teach?
    Around the world. See the COST National sitelink
  • Do I need to complete a $150 money order, or a cashier's check made out to COST for my application?
    Either is fine. No personal checks are accepted.

  • There is a section of the application that we must electronically sign to verify that we have the school's liability and medical insurance. How do we obtain it? 
    When you sign electronically, you will automatically be insured in both these categories and billed with your tuition. You do not need to come up with extra money for this before  you go. Just check "yes", for each. Once you know your travel dates, you must contact Global Connections immediately to inform them.
  • I have received my placement letter. Now what? 
    • Carefully read the placement letter you received from COST. It states your in-country contact, who will help you with the school in which you will be placed, guide you with visa requirements, and set up housing for your stay. This person is your go-to person for placement.
    • Find out your student teaching dates for the US and plan your dates for abroad from there.
    • As soon as you figure out your dates you can order plane tickets.
    • Once you have determined your dates you must:
      • 1.    let Global Connections know so they can set up your insurance.
      • 2.    Send your FBI clearance letter (you must pick up the card for finger printing from the COST office [257 WEB])
      • 3.    Research your country (do not arrive without having done this)