Dane County Water Recreation Study, 2011-2013 (7/April 2014)

This report has summarized the results of three connected surveys that collectively were designed to estimate the economic impact of selected water recreation activities on the Dane County economy.  In Phase 1, we focused on quantifying the frequency with which Dane County residents engage in recreational activities on or near county lakes and streams.  In Phase 2, we measured the proportion of Dane County water recreation participants who live inside and outside the county.  In Phase 3, we quantified the amount those who use Dane County water resources for motor boating and fishing from a boat spend in pursuit of their recreational activities.  Information drawn from all three phases of the study were used to estimate the overall economic impact of these two recreational activities on the Dane County economy.  The three parts of the survey were carried out over three successive years because budgetary limitations made it impractical to conduct them all in one year.  The survey period coincided with a long, slow recovery from a sharp economic downturn that saw households become very conscious of their spending.  Because recreational spending is highly discretionary, it is likely that the estimates included in this report somewhat conservative.

Wisconsin Education Act 31: 2014 Administrator and Teacher Survey Report (6/May 2014)

In February 2014, the Wisconsin Education Act 31 (1989/1991) Survey Committee conducted Wisconsin school administrator and teacher online surveys to determine how state and tribal agencies can help provide information, training, and technical assistance to school districts in teaching about Wisconsin American Indian sovereign nations.

Cooperatives in Economic Development A survey of Economic Development Professionals in Minnesota and Wisconsin (10/April 2014)

The purpose of this study was to learn more about cooperatives' role in economic and community development programs in communities throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Fort Atkinson Club Summary Survey Report (16/June 2013)

The purpose of this study was to gather opinions about the need for and willingness to pay for the various events/programs that might be offered at the redeveloped Fort Atkinson Club. The survey consisted of two versions.  The first version was designed to assess potential use of the Fort Atkinson Club by businesses and organizations. The second version assessed personal/family use of the Club. Both surveys were administered online via Qualtrics survey software.

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College Student Financial Literacy Survey Report (13/June, 2012)

In May 2012, students at the Rice Lake and New Richmond campuses of Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College and the University of Wisconsin-Barron County campus were invited to participate in an online survey on the topic of financial literacy. The purpose of this study was to learn about current money management practices and to assess interest among students at Rice Lake and New Richmond campuses of Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC) and the University of Wisconsin-Barron County with respect to offerings on personal finance issues and financial literacy.

Developing Leadership within 4-H and UW-Extension Youth Programs Survey (24/December 2010)

The purposes of this statewide survey were to:

  • describe the scope of and participation in 4-H and UW-Extension youth development leadership programming for youth in 7th-13th grades and
  • measure the impact of these programs on participants in terms of their leadership skills, confidence, and behaviors.

Student Use of Communication Technologies – Parent/Guardian Survey Report (9/ April 2010)

The purpose of this study was to gain a better understanding of how middle school students and their parents are using technologies and what programs citizens of Wisconsin might need with respect to these technologies.

Impact Assessment of the UW-Extension Conflict Team Workshops A, B, C, & D Focus Group Report (29/November 2009)

The purpose of this study was to assess the impacts of the professional development workshops offered by the Conflict Education Team for UW-Extension educators.

The College Transition: Managing Stress and Maintaining Health Focus Group Report (10/December 2006)

The Survey Research Center conducted a series of focus group sessions at the request of a team of University of Wisconsin-Extension faculty from the Western and Northern Districts. The purpose of the focus groups was to be a source of input for a research project designed to develop a curriculum to help students and their families make the transition from high school to college.