Local Government

Marathon County Resident Survey, 2012 (7/April 2012)document

This survey is part of Marathon County's strategic planning process and was developed to gather opinions from Marathon County residents about the current importance of various County functions and future spending levels for those functions.

Village of Elm Grove Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Survey (25/November 2011)document

The Public Safety Committee of the Elm Grove Board of Trustees wanted to measure public opinion about safety issues for walkers, bikers, and joggers/runners in the village. School

District of River Falls School Start Time Survey Report (22/October 2011)document

The purpose of this study was to inform the River Falls School District School Start Time Committee, and school board members about parent and staff preferences regarding changes to current start and stop times of the school day.

Adams County Needs Assessment Survey Report (20/October 2011)document

The purpose of this study was to get an accurate assessment of the needs and issues in Adams County upon which UW-Extension should focus their efforts.

St. Croix County Parks Visitor Survey 2011 Report (23/October, 2011)document

The purpose of this study was to gather information about the opinions and experiences of visitors to the parks within the St. Croix County Parks system.

Leftover Medicine Disposal in the Great Lakes Basin Counties of Wisconsin Survey Report, 2011 (15/July 2011)document

The purpose of this study was to gather information about the practices and opinions with respect to the disposal of leftover medicines in the Wisconsin counties that are partially or totally within the Great Lakes basin and was part of a research project by Steven Brachman of the UW-Extension Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center (SHWEC).

Jefferson County Governing Assessment Report, 2011 (12-1/August 2011)document

The purpose of this study was to gather input from Jefferson county board supervisors, local elected officials, the county's constitutional officers, department heads, and county workers about strategic issues facing County government.  In particular, this survey examined communication and intergovernmental collaboration in Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Strategic Planning Feedback Report, 2010 (13/July 2010)document

The purpose of this study was to gather public input for a strategic plan for Jefferson County government.

Sparta Butterfest Visitor Survey Report (15/August 2010)document

The purpose of this study was to gather information about the opinions, preferences and spending patterns of Butterfest visitors.

Milwaukee County UW-Extension CNRED Program Prioritiesdocument, 2010 Survey Report (7/March 2010)

The purpose of this study was to gather opinions regarding program priorities for the Milwaukee County UW-Extension Community, Natural Resource, and Economic Development (CNRED) Educator.  The survey is one component of an ongoing overall effort to identify CNRED program priorities in Milwaukee County.

North Central Wisconsin Stormwater Survey:  A Follow-Up Report on Residents’ Stormwater Knowledge and Practicesdocument  (2/January 2010)

This study sought to:

  • Measure current public understanding of stormwater issues
  • Describe current practices with respect to factors that affect stormwater quality
  • Determine public awareness of the North Central Wisconsin Stormwater Coalition and its programs
  • Compare responses to this survey to a similar survey done in the spring of 2008 to determine if the Coalition’s educational efforts have affected citizen’s understanding of and practices relevant to proper management of stormwater

Door County Citizen Survey Reportdocument (23/September 2009)

The purpose of this study was to gather opinions of residents about priorities for Door County government.

Leftover Medication Disposal in Waukesha and Winnebago Countiesdocument, Survey Report, 2009 (18/April 2009)

The purpose of this study was to gather opinions about the disposal of unused/leftover medicines in Waukesha and Winnebago Counties and was part of a research project by Steven Brachman of the UW Extension Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center (SHWEC). This study consists of two separate surveys. One survey, which is referred to as the general public survey, was sent to a random sample of households in Waukesha and Winnebago Counties. The other survey was sent to a sample of Waukesha County residents who participated in a free program called “Get the Meds Out” through which a mail back service was offered for the disposal of leftover medicines.

Central Wisconsin Stormwater Survey: A summary of Residents’ Knowledge and Practicesdocument (17/July 2008)

The SRC, working with the North Central Wisconsin Storm Water Coalition, surveyed residents from the cities of Merrill, Mosinee, Schofield, Stevens Point, Wausau, and Wisconsin Rapids, the villages of Kronenwetter, Rothschild and Weston, and the town of Rib Mountain to:
• determine their understanding of stormwater issues
• understand their current behaviors that can affect stormwater quality and quantity
• determine how they access information about stormwater issues

Lac du Flambeau Water Quality Survey Reportdocument (14/June 2008)

The purpose for this study was to gather opinions of Tribal members about water issues on the Reservation. At the time of the project, the Lac du Flambeau Tribe’s Natural Resource Department was considering an update of the Tribal Codes that pertain to water resources of the reservation (water quality standards, shoreline development, and wellhead/source water protection). An important component of the Tribal Code revisions was obtaining Tribal member input.

Waukesha County Library System Public Opinion Survey Reportdocument (3/January 2008)

The goal of the Waukesha County Library System (WCLS) survey was to determine average library usage, opinions about the value of the WCLS, and economic considerations associated with the library. A key question to be addressed by this survey was to determine if people living in jurisdictions that don’t currently have a library branch use them differently and have different opinions about them.

Prescott Area Fitness Center Surveydocument (6/ April 2007)

The motivation for this study was to gather opinions of residents about a year-round physical fitness facility serving the greater Prescott area, which includes the City of Prescott and the townships of Oak Grove, Clifton, Diamond Bluff, and Trimbelle. The survey was sponsored by the Intergovernmental Council that includes representatives of local governments and the Prescott School District.

Town of Mercer Housing Survey Reportdocument (7/ May 2006)

In the spring of 2006, the Town of Mercer conducted a survey that determined what sort of housing would be helpful in attracting people who commute to the Town of Mercer for work to become residents.

Downtown Hudson 2005 Parking Survey: Comprehensive Reportdocument (2/January 2006)

The 2005 Survey Research Center analysis of parking issues in downtown Hudson is based on 4 surveys: a tally of parking spaces occupied in downtown Hudson during three days in the summer of 2005; intercept interviews with visitors to downtown Hudson during the same three days; a survey of downtown businesses and their employees in October and November, 2005; and a phone survey of a random selection of residents in the Hudson area in November and December, 2005.

Pierce and Pepin Counties Apartment Recycling Programdocument (15/ October 2005)

To help owners/managers of multifamily housing properties with five or more units comply with state and county recycling regulations, the County Recycling Departments of Pierce and Pepin Counties commissioned the Survey Research Center (SRC) at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls to do a survey of these properties. The goals of the survey were to:
• determine current recycling practices 
• gauge the level of understanding of and compliance with owner/manager responsibilities regarding recycling
• identify barriers to recycling in apartment complexes
• do a general assessment of recycling facilities in apartment complexes

Lac Du Flambeau Integrated Resource Management Plan Opinion Surveydocument (12/September 2005)

In April and May 2005 the Survey Research Center (SRC) conducted a survey for the members of the Lac Du Flambeau (LDF) Band of Lac Superior Chippewa Indians on management and conservation of natural and cultural resources on their reservation.

Menominee Tribal Housing Department Survey of Housing/Homeownership Needsdocument (13/September 2005)

The SRC conducted a survey on housing issues facing the Menominee Nation.

St. Croix County Parks Surveydocument (2/January 2005)

The purpose of this survey was to gauge public opinion about outdoor recreational facilities and amenities offered by the County, to identify areas of potential expansion or contraction of these services, and determine funding preferences.

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