Identity & Multicultural Organizations

 Asian American Student Association (AASA)link

AASA is a social and academic community of students who want to gain and/or promote Asian cultures to the community. AASA hopes to develop relationships, support, and leadership skills that will prepare students after their college career.

Black Student Union (BSU)link

BSU is committed to supporting the academic, social, and cultural needs of Black students on campus. We provide educational, political, and cultural programs to enrich the level of understanding about African, Caribbean and African American cultures. We promote an inclusive campus, community involvement, and provide cultural education for all UW-River Falls students. BSU collaborates with other student organizations in order to accomplish this goal. The Black Student Union promotes open and honest discussion on topics of race, culture, and ethnicity, as well as social interaction with diverse groups to decrease barriers of prejudice and stereotypes.

French Clublink

This club is for both French speakers and non-speakers, we hope to aid students with vocabulary and speaking skills, we provide a place for learning and questions and we have a lot of fun activities throughout the year. If you are interested in attending French Club, feel free to come to one of our meetings! You don't need to know the French language to appreciate the rich culture and cuisine! We meet at 4pm on Monday nights in KFA room 284, the language lab.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)link

The purpose of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Gender and Sexuality Alliance is to provide a social, emotional, and educational support group for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, pansexual, intersex, ally, asexual and two-spirit population on campus. The Gender and Sexuality Alliance will also act as an educational organization to provide a greater awareness of the issues that concern the members themselves, the university, and the surrounding community.

German Clublink

A fun club for German majors, minors, or people who just like the culture and the language of Germany. We do lots of fun things like movie nights, picnics, and trips to local German restaurants!

Global Programming Society (GPS)link

The Global Programming Society (GPS) provides an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with people from different cultures. GPS hosts a variety of events and activities including shopping trips to the Mall of America, educational outings to the Twin Cities, lectures, cultural showcases, and the International Bazaar. You are invited to attend GPS events and meet students from around the world!

Latino Student Organization (LSO)link

Native American Council (NAC)link

Native American Council's purpose is to promote better relationships and cultural understanding between Native Americans and Non-native Americans, through the organization of events that support the unification of all nationalities, races, and cultures in the UWRF community. Additionally this organization aims to promote leadership capabilities among Native American students and supports Native American students on the UWRF campus.

Sisters and Brothers of Islam (SBI)link

The Sisters and Brothers of Islam's purpose, as stated in their constitution, "the purpose of this organization is to create dialog, share knowledge and understanding about Islam between students." SBI is a newly created student organization on campus to help students of all backgrounds to come together and gain a better understanding of Islam. 

As urged by friend, and ideas among several friends, we have decided that the creation of SBI would be a great addition to the UWRF campus since there is a need to fill the gap of misunderstanding between Muslim and non-Muslim students.