Four Pillars Of Greek Life


Academic achievement is a value of the Fraternity and Sorority Community. Members are encouraged to strive for scholarly excellence through incentive programs, study partners, workshops and study hours, and national recognition. Members are rewarded for their academic achievements through chapter events and at the Greek Awards Banquet. Each fraternity and sorority maintains internal academic standards that all members are expected to achieve.


The Fraternity and Sorority Community offers a variety of leadership opportunities to prepare students for future careers. Members are eligible for elected or appointed positions and committee participation within the chapter. Each chapter is self-governing and relies on the special talents of its members for successful management. Members may choose to become involved in the leadership of one of the governing councils or the Greek Programming Board. Conferences hosted on campus, regionally and nationally, provide members with further opportunities to explore the realm of leadership. 

Members of the Fraternity and Sorority Community are also involved in many leadership roles on campus from Student Government to Resident Assistants. The Order of Omega honors members for their outstanding contributions to leadership and service within the Fraternity and Sorority Community. 


The result of fraternity and sorority membership is a bond that transcends time and space- a friendship that lasts a life time. A fundamental principle of every fraternity and sorority chapter is friendship: a brotherhood or sisterhood that one shares through the good times and provides support during the difficult challenges that come with being a college student. 

The fraternity and sorority chapter provides opportunities for members to periodically come together and renew those bonds of friendship: Homecoming, Alumni weekends, newsletters, a chapter web page, and athletic events. Many national chapters have alumni chapters in major urban areas, where alumni from various chapters can continue to create new bonds of friendship.  


The Fraternity and Sorority Community is committed to participating in community service and philanthropic efforts. Many national organizations have a specific service or philanthropy, such as:

  • Children's Miracle Network

  • Special Olympics

  • Arthritis Awareness

  • Habitat for Humanity

Campus chapters have adopted many other programs, such as the American Cancer Society, Crones Foundation, and Adopt-a-Highway. The Fraternity and Sorority Community sponsors the American Red Cross Blood Drives on campus.

As a fraternity or sorority member, you will have the opportunity to support the local and campus community by being involved in volunteer activities such as reading to children, participating in activities for a local senior care facility, sponsoring a 24 Hour Teeter Totter for charity, or doing a clean-up at a local park.