Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternity and Sorority Life plays an integral part of an undergraduate students' development and learning. Programming aimed in the areas of service, academics, social networking and leadership development are encompassed in this lifetime commitment and experience. 

Our national organizations housed at UWRF provide support and education to all of their members, annual conferences, tuition scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate work and various leadership positions that take place before and after a student graduates.

Research shows that extracurricular involvement is directly correlated to student success at the collegiate level (Astin, 1991) and it is estimated that 70% of what the college student learns while on campus takes place outside of the classroom (Kuh, 1995).  Fraternity men and sorority women were founded to spend more time taking part in extracurricular activities and service/volunteer opportunities (Asel, Seifert and Pascarella, 2009).

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