Falcon Film Festival

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Watch the 2015 48 Hour Films Here!

Film: A Day in the Life of Alec Helseth
Team: Chicks w/ Flicks

Film: Woods Waltz
Team: Bingo Bango Dodge Durango

Film: Secrets
Team: Wright Xang Films

Film: Bigote
Team: Daniel Davila

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 Watch the 2014 48 Hour Films here!

Title: "Wanted: Game Points"
Team: Wright Xang Films

Title: "Blue"
Team: Teamier,lead by Shane Donahue

Title: "The Flashback"
Team: PhreshBeetz

Title: "Redo"
Team Contact: ConnorNelson

Title: "Deception"
Team Contact: VanSkaj/Dan Tyler

Title: "Law & Order"
Team:Sasquatch Productions/Zach Stew

Title: "Turbulance"
Team: The Crew/Anna Ballman,Drew Moldenhauer, Piper Schaapveld

Title: "Cheeky Situation"
Team: BearAss Productions: Renae Cranston, Eliot Kerr