Incident Mandated Reporting Form

Wisconsin Statute 36.11 (22) requires that any University employee (this includes certain student employees such as resident assistants and hall managers) who either (a) witness a sexual assault involving a student or (b) receives a report from a student who has been sexually assaulted should inform the Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards at 715-425-0720.

If the alleged victim wants to remain anonymous, you may report this incident without using names. There is no legal requirement in this statute that persons be identified, only that reports of incidents be made for record keeping purposes. Each year, UWRF is required to report this data to UW System Administration which then forwards a UW System summary to the Office of Justice.

The Campus Community Sexual Assault Coalition has put together a Campus and Community Assault Resource and Services Guide.

Should you receive a report about a sexual assault, please know that the campus and community have numerous resources to support a victim. 

In addition to recourse and support through the River Falls Police Department (9-911), on campus help can be obtained through:

  • University Police 715-425-3133
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 715-425-0720
  • Student Health Services 715-425-3293
  • Counseling Services 715-425-3884

The City of River Falls also has a number of resources which are listed in the local phone book.

Please contact Thomas Pedersen, Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards at 715-425-0720 if you have any questions or concerns or wish to report a sexual assault.

Thank you for being a Community Builder.

Report an incident:

Fill out a sexual assault incident report form

If you have any questions about filling out this form, please contact Thomas Pedersen, Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards at 715-425-0720.

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