Behavioral Intervention Team (B.I.T.)

Resources exist to help students adjust to college life and its stressors. Even so, students may find themselves at risk, without knowing help is available. UW-River Falls addresses at-risk student issues through the Behavioral Intervention Team (B.I.T.) members.


To promote student success, including academic, personal and professional development. Identify students involved in disruptive or at-risk behavior and determine appropriate steps to protect the students and the community. Develop proactive approaches to trends that emerge in student behavior.


  • Identify persons of concern using information from the UWRF community and/or outside sources.
  • Investigate the person and their situation using available information and resources.
  • Assess person/situation for threat posed to person and/or community.
  • Manage situations and person(s) that may pose a threat to harm self or the UWRF community.

Download the Behavior Intervention (B.I.T.) brochure.

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