Behavioral Intervention Team (B.I.T.)

While countless resources exist to help students adjust to college life and the additional stress, students may still find themselves at risk, without an awareness of these resources. One of the ways the University of Wisconsin-River Falls is addressing these issues is through the work of the Behavioral Intervention Team (B.I.T.) members.


To promote student success, including academic, personal and professional development. Identify students involved in disruptive or at-risk behavior and determine appropriate steps to protect the students and the community. Develop proactive approaches to trends that emerge in student behavior.


  • Identify persons of concern through information made available to the team by members of the UWRF Community and/or outside sources.
  • Investigate the person and his/her situation through information and resources available.
  • Assess person/situation for threat posed to person and/or community.
  • Manage situations and person(s) who are deemed to pose a threat or harm to one self or the UWRF community (if necessary).

Download the Behavior Intervention (B.I.T.) brochure.

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