Electronic Billing Policy

As of November 28, 2007, electronic billing became the official billing method used by the University of Wisconsin–River Falls. After this date, all currently enrolled students will receive their billing statements electronically. UWRF email accounts are the official means of notification for student account and billing information.

Students are responsible for checking their UWRF e-mail and eSIS account for notification of electronic bills and paying bills on time.  Bills are due on approximately the 10th day of the term. Notifications of bill availability will be sent approximately 20 days before the due date. Tuition and fee charges are generally available for viewing from your online account about 30 days before the term begins.

All currently enrolled students will receive electronic bills only. Students requiring paper bills for medical or other qualified reasons may submit the attached appeal form. Paper Billing Exception Formdocument Current students will only receive paper bills if an exception request is approved.