Direct Deposit

Signing up for direct deposit is mandatory in order to receive any refunds.  

Student refunds are significantly delayed if they do not register for direct deposit. The delay can be upwards of 60 days. It is imperative you sign up for direct deposit, and it is an easy 3-minute process.


Its as easy as 1-2-3


1.  Log into your    eSIS Logo   account. We have found that using the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 is the fastest way to sign up. A Safari browser will likely cause an error.  Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 have had intermittent error screens as well.

2.  In the finances section of your eSIS account, click Direct Deposit Sign up.

3.  You will need your routing number from your financial institution and account number.

4. After about a week you will be able to go back into the same area and click on My Refund Profile. This screen is your confirmation that everything is linked the way it should be. Should anything be wrong with this page, you can let us know.