Positive Alternative Internship

River Falls, WI & Menomonie, WI

website: http://www.positive-alternatives.org/historystaff.htmlink

Students Identified Tasks Performed: Resident counselor - mentoring youth, running groups, supervision of residents, mediating situations, providing residents with someone to talk to if needed, running errands and dropping off/picking up youth from their appointments. (2010)

Students Identified Positive Aspects of this placement: Working with the youth and being their mentor. having the youth feel comfortable with you, enough to talk treatment wise with you. Being able to help youths get their life back on track and understand the world they have not seen yet. (2010)

Students Identified Difficulties in this Placement: Being thrown into a situation where you have to think on your toes. Not knowing what kind of mood or attitude your residents will have. (2010)