UWRF Wind Turbine Feasibility Study

UWRF is committed to a significant return on investment for our students and for the taxpayers of Wisconsin through our commitment to sustainable campus and community development and long-term renewable energy self-sufficiency.  

We strongly encourage the serious interest and proposal of any external stakeholders to explore partnering with us and the River Falls community for mutually beneficial outcomes, including related achievement of our education mission objectives, including undergraduate and graduate research.

UWRF will conduct discussions with potential partners regarding this project in the open and unbiased manner that it conducts competitive procurement. To solicit proposals openly and without bias, UWRF is using this website to provide all the pertinent information about this project to all potential partners or external stakeholders, including the commercial turbine feasibility study.

To the extent permitted by law, UWRF will maintain the confidentiality of proprietary and sensitive information provided by potential partners.
Please contact Mike Stiftermail, Director of Facilities Management and/or Kelly Cainmail, Director of the St. Croix Institute for Sustainable Community Development to arrange a meeting.