Think Local First

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Think Local First on the St. Croix is a local network of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLElink), representing more than 80 communities in North America. Since BALLE’s founding in 2001, cities and towns embracing living economy principles have increased their economic vitality through greater community wealth and meaningful jobs; improved their level of self-reliance and underlying sustainability; and mobilized diverse groups to work together including entrepreneurs, activists, professors and policymakers.

The St. Croix Institute for Sustainable Community Development at the University of
Wisconsin-River Falls will collaborate with its partners to collect, analyze, and publicize economic data, and provide start-up administrative and technical support. The College of Business and Economics at UWRF recognizes this initiative as an important part of the region's development and will also collaborate in its activities.


Our members are truly local heroes who care about:

1. Ensuring that the St. Croix Valley maintains its unique identity
    and market value;

2. Thriving local economies with meaningful jobs, a diversity of
    business owners and committed citizens;

3. Supporting local products, services and retail businesses
    through public awareness;

4. Restoring the health of our natural resources, habitat and

5. Doing business with others in the regional community sharing
    similar concerns and values;

6. Collaborating to reduce costs and increase consensus around
    environmental, social and local business decisions; and

7. Business leadership supporting the values, principles and
    practices of sustainable community development.