"If we are not interested in being the best at whatever it is that we wish to do (assuming it is for all the right reasons), then it is not worth doing".  Such is the essence of leadership, especially as it relates to sustainability.  We as a campus, community, state, nation, and planet face unprecedented challenges; ecologically, socially, and economically.  Depending on one's interpretation of the collective data and trend analysis across those many challenges, we have no time to waste.  The future calls out for bold and decisive action with a sense of urgency.  It calls out for leadership in the search for solutions and their application.  In this regard, "Sustainability is leadership in the attempt to avoid un-sustainability".

In its broadest context, leadership in sustainability is the acceptance of responsibility to show the way in virtually every facet of life.  On a more practical level, it is demonstration of the best design and management practices in our personal, professional, and civic lives.  Such is Goal 2 of our strategic plan, "UWRF will model and champion the principles of sustainable community development."  While it doesn't say we will be a national leader explicitly, it certainly implies it in very strong terms.  In committing to being a "walk-the-talk" model of a sustainable campus community, we are committing to being a leader for other campuses, for the community in which we are embedded, and to all other communities - local to global - who look to us for guidance in one way or another.

This webpage is dedicated to the many ways by which engaged leadership and sustainability are mutually interdependent and practiced both on and off this campus, by our students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and other stakeholders.  We encourage everyone to provide constructive critique on how we can do that better and to submit suggestions and examples of how we are already actively engaged in that journey.

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