Global Literacy

Without Global Literacy and Engagement, there can be no true and lasting semblance of sustainability.  Though one might not ever travel outside the boundaries of the United States, we can never escape the reality of and very direct implications of "Think Global - Act Local", whether it is in the context of the world economy, resource depletion, climate change, species extinction, food and water vulnerability, much less human population dynamics at the base of the pyramid.  As we at UWRF seek to internationalize our curricula and student experience in every way possible, our attention to how we critically examine and practice sustainability on our campus and in our communities is the foundation to how we critically examine and practice sustainability in our visits to other countries, and how international students will hopefully be influenced to critically examine and refine their own practice when they return home.

This webpage is dedicated to the many ways by which global literacy and sustainability walk hand in hand in the experience of our students, faculty, staff, and administration.  We encourage everyone to provide constructive critique on how we can do that better and to submit suggestions and examples of how we are already actively engaged in that journey.

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