Socially Responsible Investing

Putting our money where our mouth is has never been more appropriate, nor more critical.  Socially responsible investing (SRI) is about the choices we make with our personal money for daily needs and wants.  It is about the money our campus spends on the purchasing of products, services, and infrastructure.  It is about the money our UWRF Foundation spends on investments for the endowment.  And, it is about the money our local, state, and national government spends on all products, services, and infrastructure. 

SRI is about the shift from an unsustainable economy to a sustainable one — one that is, for example, not fossil fuel based — for dependency on foreign oil, coal, and natural gas is as unsustainable as the cost of climate change unabated. It is as simple as making a conscious decision to buy a UWRF T-shirt that is guaranteed not to have been made in a foreign sweatshop by children, or to consciously tax oneself (as the UWRF students have so boldly done) to buy 100% green block electricity as an investment in renewable energy (e.g., community wind turbines or photovoltaic arrays). 

The ability to bring about the critical mass of investment and economies of scale in renewable energy industries and socially just products and services necessary to substitute for the current trends is, to say the least, essential to the future of sustainable community development.  The sooner we make those investments for the sake of a more predictable and smooth transition, the sooner we can stop worrying about having to make those investments when our backs are against the wall.  The links below can provide many options and opportunities for educating ourselves about putting our money where our mouths are — the ultimate example of “walking the talk.”

As always, your constructive critiques and suggestions for refinement of this portion and the rest of the site are welcome.

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