Food and Beverages

The way we eat has an enormous impact on the health of the planet. By choosing to eat lower on the food chain, and focusing on local and organic produce and beverages, we can curb global warming and air pollution, avoid toxic pesticides, support local farmers, brewers, and vintners and enjoy fresh, tasty food and beverages. Eat in accord with your own values. Seek out food that's produced the way you think it should be, and avoid food that you think degrades the integrity of the environment, animals, or farm workers. Don't underestimate the power of consumer demand.

The word “Locavore” was declared the 2007 Word of the Year for the Oxford American Dictionary.  Doing everything possible to enjoy food and beverages sourced from within a 100-mile radius is becoming increasingly easier, but there are many challenges, especially for a regional campus community at 45 degrees north latitude that could aspire to four-season self-sufficiency through the use of innovative high tunnel / greenhouse technologies and methods.  Efforts for developing local food systems throughout the communities of the St. Croix region are absolutely critical to reclaiming self-sufficiency and re-localized economies that used to be the norm across the nation.  We intend to help that trend continue.

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