Sustainable community development is often defined as local self-sufficiency across all essential resources, products, and services such as energy, food, water, shelter, and such.  However, clothing is the one element that is often overlooked or assumed to be easily available from globalized sources.  It is true that the textile industry has been one of the most externalized industries for a long period of time, and clothing has been very cheap from developing nations such as China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and others.  At 45 degrees north latitude, going around without adequate clothing is not an option during much of the year, unless one is the hardiest of souls.  The entrepreneurial opportunity for the manufacture, sale, and resale of clothing is not yet high on the list of essentials for sustainability models, but we suspect it will be in the not-too-distant future.  Below you will find some resources that can help to minimize your costs for clothing, while also feeding our sense of economic opportunity and social justice in the daily decisions we make about personal and professional attire, such as fair trade clothing for campus.

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Local Sources

Treasures from the Heartlink (Used)
Ragstocklink (Used and Recycled)