History of Biodiesel Production at UWRF

Who is involved?  Biodiesel production on campus primarily involves the Agricultural Engineering Technology Department.  Dr. Dean Olson, Department Chair, helps to oversee and incorporate the production process through class involvement.  Students interested need not be part of major or classes to partake in the project.

What is it?  The University produces biodiesel using Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) from the University Center kitchens.  To learn more about the process of making biodiesel, you can click here.

When did it start?  Biodiesel production began in February 2008 and batches have been made regularly with sufficient WVO available.

Where does it occur?  The process occurs in the Agricultural Engineering Annex, located in the Agriculture Science Building, using the BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor.   

Why is the campus doing this?  Biodiesel production on campus started due to interest in biofuels with hope of contributing to the campus wide Energy Initiative. This means that the University’s goal is to be “off the grid” and completely energy efficient by the year 2012.  Interested students can also gain knowledge and education for their futures.