Camps and Conferences

If you are interested in bringing a group/event to the UWRF campus during the summer, please contact the Conference and Events Coordinator at conferences@uwrf.edumail.

We are very excited to have you as guests of our University. We are proud of our campus and our summer program as we continually grow in groups that visit our campus. A variety of guests will visit UWRF each summer to take part in the programs/events offered through our campus. All camp/conference participants are housed in the University Residence Halls. These halls are available from late May through early August. The Department of Residence Life offers summer housing for conference groups/camp participants sponsored by any University department. We do not provide rooms for individuals seeking lodging in River Falls for non-university related events. We are excited to find out how we may serve you best. We hope you enjoy your experience with us this summer.

Residence Halls

Two types of halls are available, traditional halls and two suite style halls.

Traditional Style Halls: Each room houses two occupants, and has wireless internet access.

Suite Style Halls: The two suite style halls are:

George R. Field South Fork Suites: Only available for adult groups. Each suite consists of: 4 single bedrooms with shared kitchenette, bathroom and common living space. Included is access to wireless internet.

Jesse H. Ames Suites: Only available for adult groups. Wings in this hall are called "Pods" which share a common kitchenette and living space. Each pod houses 22 students who are broken into 3 clusters of rooms. Each cluster has 2-5 rooms which share 1-2 bathroom(s). Included is access to wireless internet.

Additional Hall Amenities Include:

  • Furnished study lounges
  • Laundry facilities
  • A common kitchen
  • Large TV lounge

Wireless Internet: is available to adult camps. The coordinator of the camp will need to make the request for guest log in passwords, prior to group arrival.

Special rooms (meeting rooms, camp store): are available for an additional cost, and should be reserved as soon as possible. One of our summer staff members lives in each hall to provide assistance to each group.


Summer Parking

Visit the Summer Parking web page for further information.