Residence Halls

The UWRF campus is one of the most residential in the state with over 40% of students living on campus. We believe this uniquely residential environment creates an on-campus experience like no other. We are proud to feature 11 residence halls housing approximately 2,500 students who live, learn, and discover together.  


Residence Hall Beds Gender
Community Options Elevator Carpet in Rooms
1. Ames Suites
(Jesse H. Ames Suites)
 240 Scatter Coed 2014-15: Sophomore Hall
2015-16: All non-first year hall
 Elevator: Yes  Carpeted Rooms: Yes  Collaboration Station: Yes  Air Conditioning: Yes
2. Crabtree  266 Coed First Year (3rd and 4th floors)  Elevator: Yes    Collaboration Station: Yes  
3. Grimm  240 Coed  First Year (4th floor)
     Collaboration Station: Yes  
4. Hathorn  360 Coed (Scatter Coed: 1st floor, 3rd floor center)
All non-first year hall
 Elevator: Yes    Collaboration Station: Yes  
5. Johnson
 294 Coed (Scatter Coed: 3rd and 4th floors)
First Year Hall
 Elevator: Yes  Carpeted Rooms: Yes  Collaboration Station: Yes  
6. May  196 Coed (Scatter Coed: 3rd floor)
First Year (4th floor)        
7. McMillan  240 Coed First Year (4th floor)        
8. Parker  266 Coed
First Year (3rd and 4th floors)
9. Prucha
(Reopen 2015-16)
Scatter Coed
All non-first year hall
10. South Fork Suites
(George R. Field South Fork Suites)
 240 Scatter Coed
Upperclass Hall
 Elevator: Yes  Carpeted Rooms: Yes    Air Conditioning: Yes
11. Stratton  196 Scatter Coed Substance Free Hall
     Collaboration Station: Yes  

*Air Conditioning:  Students are encouraged to bring a fan, but air conditioning units are not permitted.

Coed:  Rooms are arranged male/female by floor/wing.

Collaboration Stations:  TV with multimedia hookup and table for student collaboration.

First Year:  Community designated for first-year students with first-year programming.

Scatter Coed:  Male/female rooms are on the same floor/wing.

Substance Free:  Community for students who agree to adhere to healthy lifestyle choices