Community Living

Living as part of a community is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial parts of residential campus living. All halls are coed.  Students who wish to live in a Learning or Healthy Living community are encouraged to submit their contracts and requests as soon as possible because these spaces are assigned based on the date the student signed their housing contract.

Living & Learning Communities

Learning Communities

As a new student, we invite you to participate in one of our residential learning communities.  Learning Community members choose to live in the same residence hall and take several classes with their floor members.  Read more about the benefits of learning communities!

Learning Community Options


Healthy Living Community

We also offer a Healthy Living Community. This environment supports and nurtures healthy lifestyle choices and encourages students to make wise decisions that will impact their academic, social and emotional well-being. While illegal drugs, smoking and underage drinking are prohibited in all residence halls, our Healthy Living Community is offered to students who agree to ensure that no alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco products are allowed anywhere on the floor.

A Healthy Living Agreement must be signed by all residents who reside in this community.


First-Year Communities

Students assigned to First-Year (FY) Communities have first-year students as roommates. FY Communities are offered in both East and West residential areas, and new students are automatically assigned to these spaces until they reach capacity.  The majority of new students live in FY Communities. Students living in FY Communities relocate to other floors/halls their second year.


Global Living Community

This community is intended to provide both international and domestic students with opportunities to learn more about world events, improve understanding of global perspectives, practice foreign language skills, and plan for a future career involving international work or service. International students and students from the U.S. will reside in the hall. This globally focused community is a partnership between International Student Services (ISS) and the Department of Residence Life. 


Community Staffing

At UWRF, Residence Life staff are directly invested in the success of students in the halls.Staff

Resident Assistants

Each floor or wing has a Resident Assistant (RA), a Residence Life staff member who is responsible for building community, offering programming, and assisting students.  RAs are very familiar with a wide variety of campus resources.

Hall Directors and Assistant Complex Directors

Each hall as a Hall Director (HD) or Assistant Complex Director (ACD).  HDs are graduate students who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of 1-2 halls and working with the RAs.  

Area Coordinators

In addition, two live-in Area Coordinators provide direct support to on-campus residents and hall staff.

Additional Residence Life Staff

The Department of Residence Life also employs many other staff, including desk staff, custodians, and central office administrative and support staff who all are dedicated to making the community living experience a positive one.



Guidelines and policies play a crucial role in guaranteeing the success of any community, including those in the residence halls.