Summer Contract

Need a place to stay on campus this summer? We'd love to have you live in the summer residence hall, Crabtree Hall! Summer Hall sign up begins Saturday, April 1, 2017.

Any currently enrolled Spring 2017 student or actively enrolled as a full time 2017-18 student may live on campus during the summer as long as they meet one of these criteria:

  • Working for UWRF
  • Taking summer classes
  • Participating in a UWRF internship for credit
  • Conducting academic research for credit

Summer Hall Information

Room Rates

Summer Residence Hall Rates

Spring 2017 students and students enrolled for 2017-18 academic year classes will be charged a nightly rate. The rate is based on the type of room requested for the summer. All charges are billed to your student billing account in eSIS.

  • Double Room: $15/night/person
  • Single Room: $19/night (available if space allows)
Summer Check In/Out Dates

Summer Hall Check-in/Out Dates

Summer housing is available starting Sunday, May 14 through Friday, August 4. On August 4 all students will either move to their 2017-18 academic year residence hall assignment or move off campus if they do not have a 2017-18 academic year residence hall contract.

Summer Sessions

Check-in during desk hours:
Sunday - Saturday, 11am - 1pm, 4pm - 6pm

Check-out: Must contact an RA to schedule a time and date

Terms and Conditions/Contract

Summer Terms and Conditions

Before submitting the online Residence Hall Contract, carefully review the Summer Contract Terms and Conditions. You are responsible for knowing all the information contained in this document. Completing and sign the online Residence Hall Contract and submitting the contract payment establishes a binding agreement between the Resident and the University. Any questions about the Residence Hall Contract Terms and Conditions should be referred to the Department of Residence Life.

Important Notices:

  • Sunday, May 14, 7am - 3pm: there will be a power outage on campus. Only emergency lighting will be available in the residence halls during that time frame.
  • Saturday, May 13 - Tuesday, May 30: the boilers on campus will be shut down for annual maintenance. Hot water throughout campus may be limited.


Summer Parking

Summer Parking

Visit the Summer Parking web page for further information.


Request a Summer Room

Log-into the Portal linked below to sign the Residence Hall Contract for living on campus during the Summer.  

Request a Summer Room Here >>

Summer Meal Plan

Are you living in the UWRF Residence hall this summer? The 2017 summer meal plan program consists of 50 meals with 10 transfer meals in Freddy's C-Store and can be used on dates when the meal plan locations are open June 5 through August 5. More details and a contract will be sent to you once you sign up below:

Summer Meal Plan request page >>