Room Sign Up for Returning Students

Current students at UWRF may choose a room and roommate for Fall 2015 by following the below steps. 

New incoming freshmen and transfer students do not have the option of choosing their own room using this Room Sign-up process.


Step 1:  Sign a 2015-16 Residence Hall Contract

Log-into the Portal linked below to sign the Residence Hall Contract for living on campus during the 2015-16 academic year. After logging-into eSIS, you will see the button shown below for logging-into the Portal. If no button is available, then you will first need to pay your Res Hall Contract Fees before the button will be available.

Residence Hall and Meal Plan Portal >>

eSIS Link To Portal

Step 2: Roommates

You and your roommate may mutually accept each other as roommates now using the Portal linked above. If you don't already have a roommate in mind, you may use the Portal to search for and request a potential roommate.

Step 3:  Reserving a Room

Read through the below brochure for instructions to reserve a room for the Fall 2015 semester. Identify when room the sign-up phase begins for your preferred hall(s), then use the link in Step 1 above to log-into the Portal and reserve a room during that phase.

Students currently living off-campus:
Your room sign-up phase begins Tuesday, March 17th, 2015.

2015-16 Residence Hall Room Sign-up Brochuredocument
2015-16 Sign-Up


Step 4: For residents signing-up for South Fork Suites (SFS)

Below are required form(s):

Room & Roommate Information

Roommate Options

Residents have the opportunity to find and mutually request their own roommate while completing their online housing contract in the Residence Hall & Meal Plan Portal. Read instructions closely in the Portal, this option will be available until mid-May. For returning students who are requesting a specific roommates outside the February - May time frame, requests may be e-mailed to reslife@uwrf.edumail.


Transgender Accommodations

Roommates are assigned by biological sex. Students in transition with special needs should contact the Department of Residence Life by February 1 prior to the term they will be enrolling at UWRF. A limited number of accommodations with access to gender-neutral bathrooms/showers are available if arrangements are secured prior to final housing assignments.  


Wait Lists (Begin March 10, 2015)

Visit the Wait List web page for more information about the following wait lists.

Jesse H. Ames Suites:  "Pod" style hall where three groups of rooms share a common living room and kitchen area. For Fall 2015, Ames Suites is for non-first year students only. Learn more about Ames Suites.

George R. Field South Fork Suites (SFS) (Upperclass Hall):  Apartment style hall, 4 rooms sharing a common living room, kitchen and bathroom. All rooms in SFS are single occupancy rooms. There is an additional charge of approximately $530.00 per semester to live in SFS. A meal plan is not required when living in SFS. Learn more about South Fork Suites and requirements to live there.

Single Room Wait List: You may request to be on the Single Room Wait List, in case a single room opens-up on campus. 


Single Rooms

South Fork Suites rooms are all single rooms, and Ames Suites has a small number of single rooms, which are obtained through the room sign-up process explained in the above brochure. Any of these single rooms that are left open after their room sign-up phase ends will be obtained through the wait list linked above.

Half-Filled Rooms - Keeping as Single Room: During room sign-up, if your room is half-empty, Residence Life will fill the other half of that room with a roommate prior to the beginning of Fall semester. If a student residing in a room loses a roommate during the year, he/she has the option to retain the room at the single room rate, only when space permits.

Medical & Disability Single Rooms: A limited number of single rooms will be available to accommodate medical and disability circumstances. Requests for singles must be submitted by March 1st with required documentation to the Residence Life Office: B3 East Hathorn Hall , 410 S. 3rd St., River Falls, WI 54022, Telephone: (715) 425-4555 or E-mail: The Department of Residence Life, in consultation with Ability Services Office and other appropriate university staff, will render a decision regarding the request and notify the student via their UWRF e-mail account. Appropriate documentation will be required for considering the request. A limited number of accommodations are available if arrangements are secured prior to final housing assignments.