Employment in Res Life

Student who work within the Department of Residence Life... 

  • Enhance their leadership and character development through ongoing skill building experiences.
  • Value human similarities and differences and appreciate diversity through respect for self and others.
  • Engage in personal exploration and growth through sound decision making and critical thought.

"From when I first took the RA position last spring and up to this point, I have thought more about who I am and what I stand for than ever before. I have discovered more about myself in these past few months and weeks than I have learned since starting my college career. And it's all thanks to the people I have worked with and gotten to know.." -Max, Former Resident Assistant

2015-16 Academic Year
Fall 2015 Employment

Academic Year Positions

Application Materials

  • Apply for DA Position
    (Closes April, 2015)
  • Apply for RA Position
    (Closed Feb. 5, 2015)
  • Submit References for RA Position
    (Closed Feb. 6, 2015)

Fall 2015 staff employment applications are due by September 11, and hiring will occur during month of September for the following position:

Student Custodian Position, Fall 2015

Hours: 2-4 hours of work/day, 10-20 hours/week
6 a.m. - 2:30pm, M-F, Some O.T.



Area Coordinators (AC)

Area Coordinators are full-time staff members that live on campus and work to support student learning and success, and actively engage students in their residence hall experience. Area Coordinators are responsible for the various functions related to the overall development of all our residential communities through the supervision of Hall Directors and Assistant Complex Directors. Area Coordinators are wonderful resources for parents/guardians who have concerns about their student's experience at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. They can be contacted at 715-425-4555.

Hall Directors (HD)

HD's are live-in graduate student staff members who oversee the operations, programs, staffing and community development of the residence halls through the supervision of Resident Assistants. HD's have offices located in the building and are another resource for students who may need someone to talk to about their experiences with academics, their community and their Resident Assistant or other life events.

Assistant Complex Directors (ACD)

ACD’s are live-in undergraduate student staff members who are responsible for occupancy management, room check-ins and checkouts, desk operations and mail through the supervision of Desk Assistants.

Resident Assistants (RA)

Each floor or wing has a RA, an undergraduate student staff member who is responsible for building community, offering programming and assisting students. RA's are very familiar with a wide variety of campus resources and are great resources for students.

Desk Assistants (DA)

Desk Assistants are undergraduate student staff members who work at a community’s front desk. They provide support to students who are in need of our front desk services including equipment check out, mail and packages, etc.


Custodians are full-time staff members who work diligently to provide a clean environment for our students. Student custodians assist our full-time custodians by cleaning and maintaining the residence halls.