Residence Hall Rates

Rates include housing during Thanksgiving recess and spring break. Students needing to stay on campus for J-Term session or summer need to sign an additional contract and pay additional charges.

2016-17 Academic Year Residence Hall Rates

  Fall or Spring Term Only
Full Academic Year

Traditional Double Room



Ames Double Room,

Prucha Hall "Super Single" Room,

Single Room in all halls but SFS & Ames



South Fork Suites (SFS) Single Room,

Ames Single Room



J-term & Summer Rates

  Double Room
Single Room

J-term / Winter Break






2017-18 Academic Year Residence Hall Rates

Residence hall rates for each academic year are reviewed by UW-System Administration and approved during the month of July prior to that academic term. Rates will be posted on this page once our office is informed that these rates have been approved.


Meal Plan Rates

Visit the Dining Services web page for meal plan rates. All residence hall students except those in George R. Field South Fork Suites are required to be on a meal plan