Administrative Policies

Abandoned Items

Abandoned Items

Property which is left by a resident at the end of his/her contract period or when the student leaves an assigned space will be boxed up by a minimum of two residence life staff members. The contents will be inventoried and stored in another location. A letter and a copy of the inventoried items will be sent to the student at the student's home address on file with the university, informing him/her that he/she has 15 days to claim their property. Items not retrieved within the time limit will be donated to a local charity or disposed of at that time. The university has no liability for the loss or damage to a resident's personal property if the property has been abandoned.


Public Area Damage

Damage to any residence hall furniture, fixtures, or facilities or damage to property of students living in the residence hall is prohibited. If a student is proven to be responsible for vandalism in the residence hall, this student is responsible for the cost of the repair/replacement of damaged items.

Resident Room Damage

If anything is broken at the time of check out, the resident(s) may be charged to have it fixed/replaced. Staff will use the Room Condition Report from the beginning of the year to compare the condition of the room. Any and all damages that occur that weren’t specified on the Room Condition Report when you moved in, other than normal wear and tear, will be recorded and charged to your student account. If the damage is not known or cannot be resolved which roommate(s) is responsible, then the charges will be equally divided between the roommates.

Lost Keys

Lost Keys

When a student loses a room key, s/he must go to Residence Life, B3 Hathorn Hall. There is a $40 charge to replace a lost or stolen key (South Fork Suites rekey: $40 bedroom, $55 suite door, $75 for both). When the lock is re-keyed, the locksmith will provide residents who are there at that time a new room key for their room. If the student or their roommate(s) is not in the room, the locksmith will leave a note on the student's room door with instructions on how to receive their new key(s).

Temporary Disability Residence Hall Accommodations

Residence Life Policy Regarding Temporary Disability Residence Hall Accommodations

A student faced with a temporary disability that may require a special housing accommodation should contact the Department of Residence Life. Residence Life will work to find the student a temporary location, depending on availability.

The temporary residence hall assignment is meant to be short-term (less than one semester in length). The Department of Residence Life will continue to “hold” the initial housing assignment for the student until they are able to return to that space.

Room Changes

Room Change Process

If a student would like to change rooms, they will need to contact their Hall Director. If the student is approved for a room change, the Hall Director will contact the Assistant Complex Director (ACD). The ACD will contact the student through their UWRF email to initiate the process and go over all necessary steps.

Room changes cannot be made without proper authorization. An improper room change by a student may result in a fine being applied to their student billing account and the student may be asked to return to their original room assignment.

No room changes, including roommate changes, will be made during the first four weeks of each semester.