Kleinpell Fine Arts Building


E.H. Kleinpell Fine Arts Building, built in 1973, was named for President E. H. Kleinpell who served as president of River Falls State Teachers College, River Falls State College and Wisconsin State University at River Falls without ever changing desks.

Spaces available to reserve: 5 technology enhanced classrooms, 3 non-technology enhanced classrooms, 1 ITV Classroom, Abbott & related music related spaces, Syse & Davis Theaters, Gallery 101, One Conference room


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Abbott Concert Hall

VEMS Request Link

Available Setups: Lecture hall for 425

Art Gallery

Size: 1722 square feet

Please contact Susie Zimmer in the Art Department to reserve this space

Davis Theatre

Available Setups: Lecture hall for 350

Syse Theatre (Black Box)

Size: 1467 square feet

Available setups: Classroom for 30

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All spaces reserved by Campus Reservationsmail unless otherwise noted

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