Pass / Fail Program

Junior or senior students who are not on scholastic probation may take one course per semester on a pass/fail basis with a maximum of three courses or nine credits within the degree program.

Credits earned under the pass/fail system with a satisfactory grade ("S") will not be included in computing the student's GPA. An unsatisfactory ("U") in a pass/fail course is treated as an "F" and does affect the grade point average.

Courses taken under the pass/fail system will be considered only as elective courses. These courses will not complete any specific requirements other than the overall credit requirement.

Students may enroll in a course on a pass/fail basis in the Registrar's Office, but may NOT change a course either to or from pass/fail after the second week of classes each semester or the first week of summer session.

Once the student has obtained approval to take a course on a pass/fail basis a letter grade, other than "U" or "S", will not be recorded on the permanent record.

Students who are undecided about a major or option should not take courses on a pass/fail basis which might later become part of their requirements. Students in pre-professional programs, including preparation for graduate study, should avoid taking courses under the pass/fail system which may be required or recommended for such study.

Students shall confer with their advisers in considering those courses which might be taken on a pass/fail basis. If it is determined that a student elected a course without being eligible or without meeting the requirements, the student will be required to carry the course on the conventional grading scale.

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