General Education Requirements

UWRF General Education Mission Statement:

The purpose of the UW-RF General Education program is to facilitate the acquisition and integration of knowledge, abilities, and ethics in order to form a foundation for lifelong learning.

The interdisciplinary foundation includes the ability to communicate effectively; to demonstrate knowledge of past and present human endeavor; apply scientific principles to the human and natural world; engage in multidisciplinary inquiry; and to evaluate individual responsibility to self, society, and the world.

To accomplish this mission there are five goals with one to three designators to each of the goals, with a certain number of credits attached.  The goals are outlined below with the approved courses.  The total number of credits needed to complete the general education program is 38.

Courses that are listed in two designations will only count in one area. (e.g. ART/PHIL 310 is listed as being approved as HF and MD, however it will only count in one area, either HF or MD).

(No general education class can double count as a requirement in a first major. But a general education course can be counted as a 'required supporting course' in the major. Up to two courses (generally 6 credits) can be double counted as credits towards a minor, a second major or a broad area or comprehensive major.)

Approved Courses are listed in the university catalog.

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