Videoboard Naming Rights

Get naming rights to the big screen videoboard where we feature game footage, the "Kiss Cam", youtube videos and more! Imagine this: "Hey fans, check out the tip of the game on the "Your business here" videoboard!


1 years........$1,500/year
2 years .......$1,200/year
3 years........$1,050/year
4 years........$950/year

Videoboard Commercial

Your mini commercial shown on the big screen videoboard between periods. Don't have a commercial? No problem, we will work with you to create one with the help of UWRF upperclassman film students.


$150/30 second spot


Videoboard Slide

Your slide shown on the videoboard a minimum of six times each game. Slides also shown on the two entrance/exit TV screens on game night. That's over 600 impressions per season! Create your own advertisement or have us assist you.


$225/season or Included in Package #1 & #2