Equipment Rental Policy

Renting equipment from the FOA rental center requires a valid UWRF student ID or a driver’s license for a community member.  Rental rates are posted online and vary related to staff or community and the length of time the equipment is rented.

UWRF students can check out free equipment for their own personal use, not for friends or relatives. (ie. one backpack, one sleeping bag, or one pair of roller blades).  One valid student ID is needed for each individual rental agreement.  It is understood that a student may check out a tent and have a non-student sharing it but it will be the student’s responsibility for any damage.

Usage for UWRF students is free with a seven day maximum.  If a student wishes to utilize for longer than seven days, the staff rental rates would apply for days past the seven day maximum.    A student can return gear on the seventh day and secure the gear for free provided that no one else has reserved it on the waiting list. 

Usage for UWRF students over J-term and summer will include a three week maximum for free rentals.  If the student wishes to use for longer than the three weeks, the staff rental rates would apply for the days past the three weeks.  

The authorized user takes full responsibility for the proper care of the equipment.  In the event of loss, theft, accident, misuse or damage beyond normal wear and tear as determined by KOA staff, the authorized user will be responsible for the cost of repair and/or full replacement cost.  A late fee of $5/day will be charged for items not returned as specified on the rental agreement form.  Items returned dirty that require a cleaning will be charged a $15 cleaning fee.