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Spring 2016 Flyer

Spring 2016 Finals Week Flyer

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Classes run from Monday, February 1st - Friday, May 13th. (No classes during Spring Break)
Classes are FREE for all current UWRF students, faculty, and staff.
Participants must provide a valid UWRF ID and sign-in at the start of class in the attendance binder.
No pre-registration. Classes are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Class sizes may be limited due to equipment or facility space availability.



Through a variety of simple, yet intense exercises, this circuit style training class will blast the calories and provide a great workout. Whether your goal is muscle tone, weight-loss, or both, this class will help you feel fit.

Classes and Instructors:
Wednesday @ 7:00pm - Kaleah Bautch
Thursday @ 5:45pm - Jon Braun

Location: Emogene Nelson Building (ENB) Aerobics Room

Butts and Guts

Tone up from head to toe and everywhere in between with this high-intensity class.  Each class ranges from 45-60 minutes of strengthening that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and target all muscles, including your glutes and abs.

Classes and Instructors:
Monday @ 7:30pm - Leah Waite
Tuesday @ 9:00pm - Leah Waite

Location: Emogene Nelson Building (ENB) Aerobics Room


Get ready to sweat, burn calories, and work those leg muscles! Cycling classes are the place for a killer cardio workout.  Each session is geared to seasoned athletes and beginners alike, after all, you control your speed and resistance of your bike.  Whether climbing hills, powering along a flat road, or doing sprints, this class offers a variety of fun music and cycling routines. Be prepared for a great workout!  Space limited to the first seven (7) attendees due to equipment restrictions.

Classes and Instructors:
Tuesday @ 7:30am - Jon Braun
Thursday @ 7:30am - Jon Braun

Location: Knowles Center (Court 5)

Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance is a class of upbeat music and choreographed movement. 

Class and Instructor:
Class has been cancelled for the Spring 2016 semester.

Location: University Center Falcon's Nest


PiYo (aka Yogalates) is a form of exercise blending Pilates and Yoga to provide a total mind-body workout.  Pilates helps to strengthen and tone the body while Yoga promotes mindfulness and relaxation.

Class and Instructor:
Thursday @ 9:00pm - Leah Waite

Location: Karges Dance Studio (Room 10)

Sweat Circuit

A total body, high intensity interval-based cardio and conditioning class.  

Class and Instructor:
Tuesday @ 5:45pm (45 min) - Kaleah Bautch

Location: Emogene Nelson Building (ENB) Aerobics Room


A total body, high intensity interval-based cardio and conditioning class.

Class and Instructor:
Wednesday @ 11:30am (45 min) - Jon Braun

Location: Emogene Nelson Building (ENB) Aerobics Room

Turbo Kick

Turbo Kick is a a mixture of cardio kickboxing, body-sculpting, and choreography blended together to create a high intensity cardio workout.  This class will blast fat and define abs as participants punch, kick, and move to hit songs from the top of the music charts.  

Classes and Instructors:
Monday @ 8:45pm - Leah Waite
Wednesday @ 8:45pm - Leah Waite

Location: Emogene Nelson Building (ENB) Aerobics Room


Yoga is open to all skill levels with adaptations for every ability.  Each class is centered around control and rejuvenation of the mind & body while focusing on stretching all areas of the body and releasing stress through breathing control and simple meditation.  Mats are provided.  Short and Sweet Yoga on Monday is a 45 minute class; all other classes are 60 minutes in length. 

Classes and Instructors:
Monday @ 3:30pm (45 min) - Jennifer Elsesser
Tuesday @ 4:15pm - Anjelica Kinney
Wednesday @ 8:00am - Veronica Woroniecki
Thursday @ 4:15pm - Anjelica Kinney
Friday @ 10:00am - Veronica Woronieki  

Location: Karges Dance Studio (Room 10)

For more wellness events visit the Student Health and Counseling page.

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