General Information

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Saturday, March 28, 2015.


10:00 a.m.


University of Wisconsin-River Falls (Hunt/Knowles Complex)
1110 South Main St.
River Falls, WI 54022


River Falls High Schoollink

Coaches Meeting

9:00am in Knowles Center Hospitality Room. Food and beverages will be provided.

Entry Fee

$115.00 per team ($230.00 for boys and girls)

Checks Payable to

UW-River Falls

Mailing Address

Recreation and Sport Facilities
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
410 S 3rd St
River Falls, WI 54022


Adults (ages 18 to 61) $6.00
Seniors (ages 62 and up) $4.00
Students (ages 5 to 17) $4.00
Children (ages 4 and under) FREE

Meet Entries

Entries are limited to 2 participants per individual event due to the size of the meet. Boys/girls 3200 limited to 1 entry per team. Registerlink team rosters and meet entries by noon on March 25, 2015.

Roster Entry

Coaches are required to enter their entire roster in order to make any changes after the heat and flight sheets have been posted to the web site. Please enter your entire roster of eligible athletes for this meet. If you do not have a participant registered for the All-American Invite, he / she will not be added to the meet after the entry deadline.

Heat Sheets

Heat sheets posted March 25, 2015. Please check the heat sheets for any errors. If you find an error please email us or call 715-425-3381. We will then post final heat sheets on March 26, 2015.


1/4 pyramid spikes are permitted on the track and on the infield (Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump)

Opening Heights
  • Boys Pole Vault will start at 8' 6" increasing in 6 inch increments. When 3 competitors remain the bar will be raised in 3 inch increments.
  • Girls Pole Vault will start at 6' 6" increasing in 6 inch increments. When 3 competitors remain the bar will be raised in 3 inch increments.
  • Boys High Jump will start at 5' 2" increasing in 3 inch increments until 5' 8" then increasing in 2 inch increments.
  • Girls High Jump will start at 4' 2" increasing in 3 inch increments until 4' 8" then increasing in 2 inch increments. 

Fully automatic timing will be used for all races. 


Events will follow the official Wisconsin Rules Adaptations.


Scratches can be made at 9:00am as part of the coaches meeting.


No additions will be accepted after registration has passed. On the day of the meet, substitutions will be accepted, however the student athlete will be listed in the heat sheets and the final results under the initial entry


Batons will be presented to the top 3 finishers in each event. Team trophies will be presented to the champion boys and girls teams. Awards will be distributed to a representative of each school at the completion of the meet.

Locker Rooms

Will be available in the fieldhouse. Towels and locks are not furnished. Hunt/Knowles is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Will be available in Hunt Arena (adjoining the Knowles Center Fieldhouse).


Buses can be parked on the frontage road east of the Ramer Field Parking Lot. All other vehicles may be parked in the Ramer Field Parking Lot free of charge.

Team Camp

Bleachers will be provided in Hunt Arena for team camps. Please note that no team camps will be allowed in the Knowles Center Fieldhouse. Upon arrival, teams should enter through the Hunt Arena front doors.


Coaches should check-in at the coaches meeting. 

Training Room

Training room and trainers will be available Friday and Saturday. Each team is responsible for providing their own supplies.


Field event warm-ups will be allowed in the Knowles Center Fieldhouse. All other warm-ups must take place in Hunt Arena.

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