Textbook Services (FS 8.8.1)

8.8.1 Textbook Services Policy

The mission of Textbook Services is to provide primary and secondary textbooks and learning resources to UWRF students in direct support of the curriculum. It is located in the basement of Hagestad Hall.

Textbook Services is supported entirely by undergraduate students, who pay a textbook rental fee as part of their segregated fees at the beginning of each semester. This payment entitles the student to the use of the primary text for each undergraduate course. Supplemental texts are also provided to the maximum extent possible, with special emphasis given to courses taught in "book intensive" areas, and in courses where source material is used. Depending on the needs of the instructor and the course, texts may also be purchased for reserve reading (through the Reserve Desk in the Library) at the recommended ratio of one book for every twelve students, or ordered for students to purchase in the Bookstore. Exceptions to Textbook Services' purchasing policy may be requested through the Textbook Services Manager. Approval is contingent on cost, availability of funds, justification, etc. Denial of a request for an exception by the Textbook Services Manager may be appealed (in writing) to the Library Director. The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is the final authority on such requests.

Although Textbook Services is a rental system, undergraduate students who wish to purchase their textbooks may do so during the textbook sale, held during the months of October, November, February, March, April, May, and June each year.

Since graduate students do not pay rental fees for textbooks as part of their tuition, they may not use Textbook Services except in special circumstances. Texts for graduate students enrolled in 700 level courses or 500 and 600 "slash" courses may be purchased from the UWRF Falcon Shop/Bookstore. If graduate students are enrolled in undergraduate classes or in "slash" courses, they may rent texts from Textbook Services only if the text is not available for purchase in the Bookstore and after all undergraduate requirements for the text have been met. Authorization from the instructor is required and a rental fee will be collected at Textbook Services as texts are checked out. Ordering

Instructors are responsible for ordering textbooks for their undergraduate courses, with approval of the department chair. Textbooks are requisitioned by faculty members using forms available from their academic department associate. These forms must be countersigned by the department chair. An online order form is also available at

and must be countersigned by the department chair. Texts must be ordered with sufficient lead time to ensure they will be available at the beginning of the semester, and they must be used a minimum of two years before they can be replaced. Consult "Textbook Rental Policy for Faculty Members," available at Textbook Services or online

for a more complete discussion of policies and procedure.

Texts for graduate students are ordered through the UWRF Falcon Shop/Bookstore. Desk Copies

Faculty should order desk copies of textbooks directly from the publisher(s), see Section IV of Customized Class Materials

Instructors may design customized class materials to be distributed through Textbook Services. The instructor must provide a good, legible copy of materials, the name and address of the copyright holder for each copyrighted item, and the page number(s) involved. Textbook Services will contact the copyright holder, pay all (reasonable) copyright clearance fees, and pay for duplication of materials.