Scheduling of Classes (FS 8.2.2)

8.2.2 Scheduling of Classes

Only courses listed in the official schedule of classes can be offered for credit and only for the number of credits listed. Working with individual faculty members, department chairs propose classes for the coming year, usually during the previous fall. These proposals are reviewed and approved by the academic Deans. Time and room assignments are coordinated by the Registrar's Office.

A schedule for the full year is posted online each spring semester, prior to the preregistration period for the following fall semester. It is arranged by the academic Deans on the basis of available faculty and available classrooms. Any changes in courses, hours, or days must be approved by the Dean of the College in order to avoid unnecessary hardship to students. Courses that are required, but that are uneconomical, will be scheduled in alternate years.

For maximum use of space and maximum service to a variety of students, class scheduling needs to be offered through the entire day and occasionally evenings and Saturday mornings.

One semester credit consists of approximately 750 minutes of class time plus appropriate work outside of class, not including final exams.